What can I manage in the Live Producer?

As soon as you want to start an event, the Live Producer is your tool to stream your content. In the Live Producer, you can quickly and easily operate all the important functions during your live event.

For detailed instructions on how to start an event, see this article.

To get to the Live Producer window, click Events in the left main menu, select your event from the list, and then click Live Producer.

A new window opens: the Live Producer. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that your pop-up blocker is disabled.

Your options:

  • Make your video and audio settings in the Device settings (1), start and stop your webcast or audiocast.
  • Operate your slides (2).
  • Manage your recordings (3).
  • Monitor the number of attendees (4).
  • (De)Activate your surveys (5) and view the results.
  • Manage and view the Question and Answer Tool (6).
  • View and share the public link and preview (7).

You can customize the view:

To do so, drag and drop the individual elements to your desired location while holding the cursor at the top of the section.

: There is a 20 seconds delay during your live event! Your event will be delayed by 20 seconds in the attendee view to ensure a stable transmission due to the buffering of the individual systems.