What is the media library?

Your recordings and video files that you have created, edited and/or added in your events are collected and listed in your media library. Here you can store additional video files for future events, directly access the existing video files, search for them, or delete them. So, you have the possibility to manage your media library collectively.

To manage your recordings and video files, go to Media library in the left main menu.

You have the following options:

  1. You can search your media library using the search function (1).
  2. By checking the left box (2) of the respective entry, you can, for example, select the files you want to delete.
    1. As soon as at least one box is activated, a red button with a trash bin icon (3) appears.
    2. With one click, you can delete the desired files from your media library.
  3. You get to the overview of the file if you click on the list entry (4).
    1. This is opened in the event in which the file is deposited.
    2. Detailed instructions on how to manage files in your event can be found in this article.
  4. Via the icons (5) on the right you can:
    1. Display the public link and the embed link.
    2. Play the file.
    3. Go to the analytics of the media.
  5. You can add more video files to your media library via the field Drag and Drop file here (6).
    1. Simply drag and drop the file into the field.
    2. You can also click into it and select the file from your explorer.
    3. Supported formats are: mp4, mov, flv and m3u8
    4. The maximum file size is 20 GB.
  6. Besides, you can switch between the list and grid view (7).