What can I see in the preview?

In the preview, you can view the individual passages of the attendee view of an event during configuration and adjust them if necessary:

To get to the preview, click on Events in the left main menu, select your event from the list and then click on Preview.

A third menu opens where you can:

  • display the preview in the respective target languages if you have configured a multilingual event.
    • To do this, click on Language and select your target language.
  • Display the Pre view: This shows you the attendee view before the event is started.
  • Show the Live view: This will show you the attendee view during the live event.
  • Show the Post view: This shows you the attendee view after the live event has ended.
  • Show the On Demand: Here you can see the attendee view of the published recordings.

At the top right you have the option to click on the menu item Edit layout or Share:

  • For detailed instructions on editing layouts, see this article.
  • With the Share button, you can display the links for sharing the preview or the public link.