How can I add more team members / users to my organization?

Once you have registered on SlideSync, you have also created your own organization for your account. Your events that you create and host will be listed within this. An organization also means that you can manage additional team members and assign them different permissions. Depending on their permissions, they can create, manage, or host events themselves within your organization.

For detailed instructions on how to add people as team members for a specific event only, see this article.

To add more team members / users to your organization, go to Organizations in the left main menu.

Enter the email address of your new team member in the text entry field provided.

You can assign him one or more of the following permissions:

  • Owners can control all aspects of an organization and its events, including inviting new users.
  • Event Managers can control all aspects of events, including assigning roles to existing users.
  • Moderators can view, edit, and approve incoming questions that have not yet been approved.
  • Speakers can access Live Producer, where they can start and stop the event and advance the slides.
  • Reporting can only view the event analytics.

The invited person will automatically receive an email invitation from SlideSync to join your organization. Once the person accepts it, he can register on SlideSync and will be automatically assigned to your organization.

On this page you can also edit the name of your organization. To do this, click on the dashed name of your organization. An input field opens where you can change the existing name. With a click on the checkmark, the new name will be saved.

Overview of the Permissions







Inviting new team members

Only for single events

Managing team-authorizations

Access to the live producer

Access to basic settings

Managing the Q&A-Tool

Access to Analytics

Managing surveys