How do I add team members to my event?

You can add and manage team members at the organization, event group, or event level, and assign them preset permissions. Thus, your team members have different rights on what they can do and where they have access.

Team members that you add at the event level have access only to that event, but not to other events in your event group or organization.

To add and manage team members (moderators; speakers; event managers; or similar) to your event, select Team members in the left menu of your event.

Use the Share preview link (1) to share the preview of your live event with other people. The recipients of this link do not need a login for this.

In the section Users with access (2) you can create and manage appropriate users for this event.

You can either select from existing users or enter the respective email address of the new team member.

You can assign him one or more of the following permissions:

  • Owners can control all aspects of an organization and its events, including inviting new users.
  • Event Managers can control all aspects of the event, including assigning roles to existing users.
  • Moderators can view, edit, and approve incoming questions that have not yet been approved.
  • Speakers can access Live Producer, where they can start and stop the event and advance the slides.
  • Reporting can only view the event analysis.

The invited person will automatically receive an invitation email from SlideSync to your event . Once the person accepts it, he can register and will be automatically assigned to your event.

PLEASE NOTE: Check your spam folder as well.

Overview of the permissions







Inviting new team members

Only for single events

Managing team-authorizations

Access to the live producer

Access to basic settings

Managing the Q&A-Tool

Access to Analytics

Managing surveys